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Slurpee Rewards: Free Redbox Rentals, Free Video Games Exclusives & More

Join Slurpee Rewards! Free codes are available now! You can get free redbox rentals, free Facebook credits, and exclusive video game items for Little Big Planet 2 and Kill Zone. You can enter 5 codes per day.

A free redbox rental is only 5 points. Little Big Planet 2 items start at 2 points. Codes are available on Slurpee cups at 7-11. Also there are free codes that you can use.

Here are 6 free codes to enter for a total of 12 points.
ZWMT -LPSJ-SFMQ – 2 points

BSBV-MJTB-DNQN – 2 points

ZPNV-WZPX-HHFR – 2 points

GRDC-PGGC-CXKM – 2 points

GZHM-VJWT-XGJJ – 2 points

Reached your 5 code limit. Enter this code tomorrow.

HFTQ-SGQZ-CTPM – 2 points